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Water Heaters

Water Heaters are the symbol of comfort in your plumbing system. Alpha Plumbing understands the importance of keeping your family comfortable.

Tank-less on Demand

Tank-less water heaters are becoming more popular everyday. Alpha Plumbing has factory trained technicians to provide you with reliable experienced installation and service. Because of the many factors involved in the installation of this type of water heater, you should always use a qualified company to plan and execute your installation.


Gas heat is the most efficient source to supply your hot water needs. Alpha Plumbing has the training and experience to solve any problem with your gas water heater. Building Codes and technology change regularly and we make sure our technicians have the most up to date training possible.


Electric water heaters require additional skills in the plumbing industry and present a unique array of safety hazards. At Alpha Plumbing we make sure your technician has been qualified to service your hot water needs.

Circulating Systems

Like that instant hot water at your faucets? Alpha Plumbing has the experience and knows how to repair, install, and design a system for your home. With new products on the market, homes without standard circulating system piping can be retrofitted with a variety of devices that can satisfy your hot water needs. Let Alpha Plumbing show you what can be done.

Slab Leaks

This is the most dreaded term a homeowner will hear from a plumber. Alpha Plumbing knows this and will do all we can to make the experience less traumatic. With many years of taking care of customers and making this experience as painless as possible.


Leak & line location

An integral part of Alpha Plumbing’s business. We will exhaust every effort to provide you an accurate and educated diagnosis.

Sewer Leaks

Meticulous testing goes into finding and locating a sewer leak. Patient use of test equipment by our skilled technicians will provide you a detailed description of your problem(s).

Water Leaks

State of the art equipment and years of experience will find that water leak indoors or out. We pride ourselves on our accuracy to minimize collateral damages.





An option to access lines in need of repair is to tunnel under a slab foundation. By tunneling you prevent any cosmetic or collateral damage to the interior of the house. Alpha Plumbing has been doing tunnel work in our area since the inception of the procedure.

Slab Penetrations

Penetrating concrete slabs can turn into a nightmare if proper logistical planning is not done. Nothing is worse than the noise of jack hammers working in the background, but sometimes it’s necessary. Alpha Plumbing will explore all possible and reasonable solutions to prevent the noise, dust (put up dust protection), and debris (keep jobsite clean as we work) from damaging your home. There is no good way to penetrate a slab, so knowing your contractor is concerned with your well being will help insure that you don’t have additional costs associated with the repairs.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Replace pipe underground without trenching, that's unheard of, until now! Alpha Plumbing offers sewer, water, and gas pipe replacement without digging a long trench. Please see the following information.


Explanation of Trenchless Technology

Pits are dug at both ends of the line and new piping is hydraulically pulled through the bad pipe breaking it away and replacing it with new. Lines can even be installed where none were before without disturbing the ground above. [ Trenchless Services ]

Sewer Lines

Replace that broken or collapsed line without digging up the yard, driveway or disturbing mature landscaping. We pull a complete new line with new material making this option more appealing than major excavations or lining a bad pipe.


Water line

Want to get water to another part of your property but don't want to dig up your yard, driveway, patio or landscaping? Alpha Plumbing can provide the solution using a variety of methods to bore and install your new line with minimal surface intrusion.


Gas Line

Replace that old steel line with new poly gas piping without your yard, driveway, or landscaping having to suffer. Alpha Plumbing can replace that bad line and have you operating in no time.


Sewer yard line Repair & Replacement

 In the past plumbers used the best material available at the time to satisfy cost and durability requirements. Unfortunately other factors can create the need for repair or replacement of those sewer lines. Alpha Plumbing can define and locate the problem and provide a solution for your needs with a variety of options.


Alpha Plumbing can pinpoint the location of the problem which allows us to precisely excavate and repair the problem.


Replace old line

Alpha Plumbing can replace your line when required by various means such as Trenchless, hand excavate, or trenching providing the most economic and satisfying method for you.


Re-route sewer line

In some circumstances repair or replacement of an existing line is not structurally or economically reasonable. Alpha Plumbing can design a reroute of the line to possibly eliminate undo cost or damage to your property.


Gas Leaks

Gas testing is a step by step procedure of finding a leak or leaks and insuring your safety with the results. Alpha Plumbing will exhaust every effort to solve your gas leak problems.


Testing for leaks

Alpha Plumbing will test your home for gas leak using the recommended method prescribed by your Municipality. We want to be sure you and your family will have peace of mind when it comes to your gas piping.


Leak repairs

We at Alpha Plumbing will only use quality materials and meet strict code standards when repairing your gas line. A quick patch is not the safest route for your family.

 [ Gas Lines Service ]


Yard Service Line

Replacement or Re-routing of your yard service may be necessary due to age or damage. Alpha Plumbing has many methods of performing this Service, some which do not require that your yard to be dug up, even the installation of completely new service. Contact us to determine the best solution for your needs.


Faucets Repaired and Installed


Faucet repairs and installation are just a few of the plumbing services we can provide at Alpha Plumbing. From drips to designer installs we have the experience and equipment to take care of your needs.

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• Moen
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Toilets Repaired and Installed


Toilet Problems? Alpha Plumbing has the solutions. We will use the right parts to fix your toilet problem the right way. In the event your toilet needs to be changed, we can install a new water saving toilet of various brands and styles.

• American Standard • Kohler • Gerber • Toto • Eljer • Briggs •
• Universal Rundle • Delta
• Crane •



Lavatories Repaired and Installed


Besides your kitchen sink a lavatory gets a workout. Pop ups don’t work, scratches, leaks all can be remedied by Alpha Plumbing. Choose us to take care of your lavatory needs.

• American Standard • Kohler • Gerber • Eljer •
• Briggs • Crane •


Kitchen Sinks Repaired and Installed


How many more devices can be invented for a kitchen sink? They all need to be serviced and installed. Alpha Plumbing has the right technician to perform all the service needs for your sinks.

• American Standard • Kohler • Elkay •
• Briggs • Crane •


Food Disposers


This is a great appliance when its working, but when it’s not working it doesn’t drain, it smells, and just becomes a nuisance. Alpha Plumbing can service or replace a disposer that is not operating correctly.

Repair & Replacement

Sometimes replacement may not be the total answer. Let us make the right recommendation for your needs.

• In-Sink-Erator • Whirlaway • WasteKing •


Maintenance Plans


Alpha Plumbing offers residential preventive maintenance plans on all types of fixtures and appliances. Let us show you the benefits and cost savings you can enjoy with an Alpha Plumbing Preventive Maintenance Plan.




[Leak Clues]

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