Month: June 2021

Month: June 2021

Signs Your Toilet Needs Repaired
June 25, 2021 Blog Jeffrey Steeves

Having to repair a toilet is a situation that every homeowner will face at one time or another. As one of the most necessary parts of a home’s plumbing, a broken toilet will need to be resolved quickly. It is always helpful to know the signs that a toilet may be in need of repair so that a small problem does not turn into a bigger and more expensive one down the road. Here are the most important signs to look out for.

Strange Noises After Flushing

Clogs and blocks in any part of the plumbing including drains and vents can cause new sounds. Gurgling, bubbling or sucking sounds usually indicate a problem. If you notice any of these sounds suddenly occurring, it usually means a call to your plumber is in your future.

Frequent Clogs

There is nothing more frustrating than a toilet that is constantly clogging, overflowing, or running slowly. Improper use of the toilet including flushing items such as paper towels, baby wipes, feminine products, or anything except for septic friendly toilet paper and waste, can cause clogging. However, if you are using the appliance correctly and still experiencing frequent clogs, it may be time for service.

Constantly Running Toilet

Occasionally the flapper on the inside of the toilet will become jammed, causing the toilet to continually run until the toilet is fixed. Many times this is a quick one time fix that can be done without help, but if the toilet has a habit of running for long periods of time after flushing, it may need a more extensive repair. A constantly running toilet can waste water and cause utility bills to increase, so it is important to fix the problem.

Noticeable Damage

Homeowners should be in the habit of regularly inspecting their toilets for any noticeable damage on and around the toilet. If there is any rust or corrosion, or if there are any cracks, a repair will be needed. Cracks in the bowl of the toilet need attention as these can cause leakage and risk damage to flooring and other parts of the home.

Pools of Water

Any pools of water around the toilet should be immediately investigated. Pooling water can cause structural damage as well as become a health hazard to your family. Leaking water can be a drain on your budget, and lead to mold and foul odors, so you should call your plumber at the first sign of a leak.

Multiple Flushes Needed

If your toilet needs more than one flush to eliminate the contents, or if you need to hold the handle down until the flush is complete, this may be a sign of an imminent toilet repair. The problem may be traced back to one of many different root causes so the plumber will need to diagnose the source of the issue before making the repair. Often the handle may just need to be fixed, but it may be a more complex problem such as overall low water pressure.

Investing in a New Toilet

In many cases, a quick repair can get your toilet back to perfect working condition. However, there may be a time when a toilet replacement may make more sense both financially and practically. Investing in a new toilet can be a wise decision that can improve your quality of life and help you save money on water bills.

Many new toilets are designed with water conservation in mind. Homeowners with toilets older than the 1990s should consider replacing their toilets with appliances that use less water. Many people also choose to replace toilets to increase the aesthetic appeal of their bathroom. There are many sleek and attractive models that can add to the beauty of the room.

Toilets will also need to be replaced when the damage or cost of repair is too high. Leaks or rust that has spread too far will likely necessitate a replacement. After inspecting your toilet, the technician will be able to provide helpful advice to enable you to decide whether to go ahead with a repair or to purchase a new toilet.

Your toilet is an important part of home comfort. One of the best ways to …

How to Remove Rust Stains From Toilets, Tubs, and Sinks
June 17, 2021 Blog Jeffrey Steeves

rust in the sink

Rust stains on porcelain or enameled cast-iron sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower pan are common occurrences. They can be caused when a metal object such as shaving cream can is left to sit wet on the surface, but can also be caused by galvanized steel plumbing pipes bleeding rust onto the surfaces or because iron-rich hard water dries onto surfaces.

The good news is that it’s possible to remove bathroom rust stains without a significant amount of time and effort. For the best results, ditch the bleach-based bathroom cleansers—these may actually worsen stubborn stains—and give one of these tried-and-true methods a go.

Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers Friend, in both powder and liquid forms, is an extraordinarily effective method for removing rust stains from bathroom fixtures. Bar Keepers Friend will safely remove rust stains and mineral deposits from all toilet bowls and metallic faucet finishes. And, according to the manufacturer, it may also be used to remove stains from sinks, bathtubs, and shower basins made of stainless steel, porcelain, Corian, fireclay, ceramic, acrylic, copper, glass, enameled cast iron, fiberglass, and solid-surface materials.

According to the product’s material safety data sheet, the ingredients in Bar Keepers Friend include mineral feldspar, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (a common detergent), and oxalic acid. Because it is much less abrasive than cleaners such as Ajax or Comet, Bar Keepers Friend is less likely to scratch surfaces. However, the main active ingredient, oxalic acid, can cause skin or eye irritation, so you should wear gloves and use this product carefully.

Shaw’s Pads

Shaw’s Pads offer a chemical-free, septic tank-friendly approach to rust removal. Equipped with a simple handle and scouring cloth, Shaw’s Pads work on the “elbow grease” principle: simply wet the pad and scrub stains away. Use Shaw’s Pads to remove toilet rings; rust, calcium, and lime buildup; grey, green, and brown water residue; algae and chemical stains on pool tiles; and hard water and well-water residues.

Unlike pumice stone or abrasive cleaners, Shaw’s Pads will not scratch any surface. They do, however, require a bit more effort to remove stubborn stains.

Pumice Stick

Pumice scouring sticks work particularly well for removing rust stains from porcelain. Use pumice sticks to gently scour away mineral deposits, rust, and other stains and scale from sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. They can be used to remove rust and unwanted paint from metalwork, piping, tile, masonry, and concrete, too. Made from 100 percent natural pumice, a soft volcanic stone, these sticks are safe for dermal contact and use and storage around children and pets.

pumice stick
The Spruce / Nelly Cuanalo

Zud Scouring Cleanser

Zud cleanser is another product that employs oxalic acid and a potent combination of abrasives made up of finely ground quartz and pumice to zap rust stains on contact. Available in both liquid and powder form, Zud dissolves rust, mineral stains, hard water deposits, and soap scum. And, according to the manufacturer, it may be used to clean copper, brass, bronze, chromium, iron, pewter, and stainless steel.

Simply squirt or sprinkle Zud directly onto rust stains and brush using a toilet cleaning brush or plastic scouring pad. Then, add water to ensure that the Zud solution covers the entire area. Add more Zud where the solution is missing. After the solution has been set for about 60 to 90 minutes, clean the area with the brush and rinse away the solution.

Zud is a slightly more abrasive cleaner than Bar Keepers Friend but is considerably gentler than Ajax or Comet.

using zud scouring cleanser
The Spruce / Nelly Cuanalo

The Works Limassol

The chief active ingredient in The Works Limeosol is hydrochloric acid, which instantly removes rust, hard water stains, and mineral deposits from appliances, bathroom fixtures, cement, brick, vinyl, siding, fiberglass, PVC, and other materials on contact—no scrubbing required. The Works is tried and true: it’s been around for more than 50 years. And, even though it contains a dangerous chemical, it’s long been a celebrated favorite among homeowners and home service professionals alike. The Works Limeosol is not recommended for use with septic systems, as the chemical will interfere with the biological breakdown of wastes.

Take precautions if you use LImeosol, as this is a caustic chemical that will sting …

Hotel Plumbing Management: How to Optimise It
June 16, 2021 Blog Jeffrey Steeves
Hotel Plumbing Management: How to Optimise It

Managing a hotel has always been a challenging job. With hundreds of guests using the facilities every day, not nearly half of them consider saving water as they would at their homes. On the other hand, plumbing malfunctions and associated interventions and repair cost you additional money, as the room needs to remain vacant until the work is done. So in order to keep your water bill low and plumbing costs minimal, nothing much remains but to adopt these commercial plumbing management tips.

Install low-flow devices

From inexpensive showerheads and factures to toilets, today many products meet the low flow criteria. Despite the increasing water expenses, hotels are hesitant to make a switch to low-flow fixtures as they fear it will damage their customers’ experience. However, low-flow doesn’t have to mean low-performance. Low-flow devices and appliances don’t affect the water pressure, but simply regulate the amount of water released per unit of time, yet those two sometimes get confused. Low-flow heads and faucets use aerators that disperse the water jet into many tiny streams, so the same ‘volume’ can be achieved with less water.

Use hair catchers

This Mushroom-Shaped Hair Catcher Is So Gross, But Really Satisfying

It’s only natural that your guests would appreciate long, relaxing, spa-like showers and baths after a long journey, but nothing can spoil their enjoyment like the discovery that the shower or bathtub is clogged. Bathroom drain clogs can be caused by soap, toothpaste, even calcium, and another mineral build-up, however, the most notorious contributor is the hair. People naturally lose hair while in the shower, and over time, it builds up in the drains where it combines nicely with soap scum and other sticky matter. Having hair catchers installed on each drain not only prevents loose hair from entering the system but saves the hotel thousands of dollars on drain cleaning services.

Schedule regular drain cleaning

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Instead of waiting for the clog to take place, why don’t include drain cleaning into a regular maintenance routine? Emergency drain cleaning services often include clean-ups that follow overflows and backups. preventive maintenance, on the other hand, includes scheduled hydro-jetting cleaning once every few months, ensuring the drains in your hotel plumbing system are clear and free from clogs. How often you might need this service depends on the size of your hotel, an estimate which an experienced commercial plumber will easily tell.

Consider tempering valves

Managing one of the hotel’s systems always includes taking responsibility for the safety of people who use associated amenities, and plumbing is not an exception. Among hot tap water scalds that require admission to the hospital, over 90% are sustained in the bathroom, resulting primarily from immersion in baths with water heated to unsafe temperatures. Certain pros, as guys behind Hot Water Nurse, for instance, combine the skills of both electrician and plumber and are experts for installing and repairing a range of hot water devices, such as the hot water tempering valve, which acts like a safety device that shields your guests from overheated water that comes directly from your storage tank.

Plan for sewer pipe inspection

When Is the City Responsible for Sewer Lines? - Eyman Plumbing Heating & Air

Away from home and daily tribulations, many guests forget the bathroom etiquette, flushing down things they’d never flush at home. And when things go south, pardon the pun, what seems like a local problem might easily affect the drain system of an entire floor. Scheduling a video camera pipe inspection each year not only helps identify potential problems but buys you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the “outgoing” end of your plumbing system works flawlessly.

Hotel plumbing specifics

Plumbing utility demands and hot water use in hotels follow a pattern that is in many ways different from other commercial venues. A conventional hotel can experience a spread out, or a very short peak demand period for hot water. If the majority of guests in a 4,000-room hotel are there for the same convention as regular 8 a.m. meetings, it can create a high utility demand over a short period when those guests are in their bathrooms

Don’t Neglect Tool Maintenance
June 10, 2021 Blog Jeffrey Steeves
When you’re swept up in a busy workday, it can be easy to let tool maintenance fall by the wayside, but it’s worth keeping it a priority


Don’t Neglect Tool Maintenance

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Does this sound familiar? It’s the beginning of the workday, and you already feel behind schedule. Or maybe it’s the end of a long shift, and you just want to get home. But it is also what typically leads to tool maintenance getting overlooked.

Tool maintenance is critical to the safe use and longevity of your equipment. Along with minimizing tool wear and tear, proper maintenance can enhance efficiency and make tools easier to control and use. For example, with proper maintenance, sharp cutting tools take less effort to cut, are less likely to bind and will cut more quickly.

To help you keep your tools in prime shape, here are answers to some frequently asked tool maintenance questions:

What are some general tips for keeping tools working longer?

Before using a tool for the first time, read the manual. Then, periodically during the life of the tool, reference the manual for best use practices. Understanding how a tool is supposed to work and what to look for when it isn’t functioning properly can go a long way in enhancing its longevity. You’ll also want to wipe down tools after each use and regularly lubricate any moving parts indicated by the manual.

How often should tools be checked for needed maintenance?

You should always follow the instructions in each tool’s manual for maintenance. However, a good rule of thumb is to inspect and maintain your tool before each use. Additionally, look for chips or dings and other wear and tear that could interfere with operation during use. Pay attention to any changes in operation that could be fixed with some routine maintenance.

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What maintenance is overlooked within some specific categories of plumbing tools?

Jetters: Take time to clean the letter tips. Remove the tips and flush the letter hose of any debris or particles. At RIDGID, we find that many repair returns can be attributed to this issue alone. Also, when storing machines for the winter, ensure water is removed from the entire system. RV anti-freeze can be used to protect the system.

Drum Machines: Ensure that the auto-feed is functioning properly. The feed handle and feed rollers should move freely and not bind.

Sectional Machines: The clutch handle should move freely and should stop cable rotation when released.

Cables: Maintain lubrication on cable couplings so that drain cleaning tools are not lost down the pipe.

Hand Tools: Keep tools clean and free of any grit and keep cutter wheels, pins and rolls lubricated.

How do you decide if maintenance can be handled on your own or if a tool should be sent in for repairs?

Cleaning and lubricating tools can always be done by the user and often replacing worn parts like cutters, dies, etc. can be handled by users as well. The product manual should provide instructions for basic types of tool services. Depending on how comfortable the user is with the necessary steps, they can decide whether to handle the repair themselves or take it to an authorized repair center.

For machines, any electrical issues (ground fault interrupter failure, for example) should be sent to an authorized repair center. Anything else not addressed by the product manual should also be done by an authorized independent service center for the tool. This maintains the integrity of the product.

The secret to long tool life, in short, is: Keep your tools clean, lubed, and drain cleaning machines free of standing water. Follow the manual and keep an eye out for any irregularities. When in doubt, visit an authorized service center.

About the Author

Doug Corlett is the manager of the RIDGID Factory Service Center. RIDGID is a global manufacturer of more than 300 dependable and innovative tools, trusted by professional trades.…

Hudson Plumber Offers Tips When Hiring A Plumbing Company In Florida
June 4, 2021 Blog Jeffrey Steeves

A plumber in Hudson Florida is offering Floridians tips on what to look when hiring a plumbing company for their residential plumbing needs so they can get back to living a great life in the Florida sun.

1. Experienced Plumbers on Staff and a Dedication to Quality Customer Service

Today, having access to a trusted and dependable plumber is essential to keeping your home in the best condition possible. As a matter of fact, knowing where to turn when a plumbing problem arrises is important to saving money and preventing water damage. History has shown that the faster a leak is corrected, the better it is in terms of stopping water damage.

Having a Florida plumber that homeowners can depend upon should always be just a call away. This is especially true if there is an after hours emergency. Being able to call in a technician in the middle of the night can save your home from costly damage. While there are a number of plumbing companies that offer this type of service, only a handful deliver when it comes to timely service and fair pricing. One company in particular that has consistently outshined the competition in this regard is KBR Plumbing in Hudson FL. With experienced plumbers on staff and a dedication to quality customer service, this is the the company to call day or night. 

2. A Simply Precautionary Pipe Inspection at Least Every Two Years

From a leaky faucet to a broken main, no job is too big or too small. One important aspect of home plumbing is that of having routine water line inspections. This is a smart way for homeowners to catch problems long before they become much more serious. Expert plumbers are able to find and isolate pipe related issues long before they become a serious leak or line break.

Many professionals in the home maintenance business recommend having a simply precautionary pipe inspection at least every two years or perhaps even annually as a way to protect your home over the short and long term. This inexpensive and simple step is a great way to enjoy peace of mind and to prevent potential serious water damage. Best, of all when you work with a local plumbing pro in this way, you know that you have someone to call if there is ever a major pipe problem. 

3. Inspect the Water Meter to See if the Meter is Running 

A Hudson, Florida plumbing contractor with experienced and reliable technicians should always be just a call away. That said, as a homeowner there are some things that you can do to keep your home safe also. For example, every few months it is good practice to good through your entire home and inspect water lines and connections. Look at all appliances and each water connection to find any drips or leaks. Also check the water main and the water meter.

Look for soggy sections of your yard, which may indicate that a water main is leaking or broken. Inspect the water meter to see if the meter is running excessively even with all water outlets turned off inside and outside the house. This is perhaps one the simplest ways to detect an otherwise undiscovered leak. Look under all cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen to spot any drips or leaks that may have developed since your last visual inspection. 

4. Having Work Completed by a Licensed Technician

Homeowners sometimes choose to attempt a plumbing repair on their own, however this may not always be the best option. As a matter of fact, it could end up costing the homeowner more money if the job is not done correctly. When you hire a plumber Hudson Florida homeowners trust and respect, you know that the work will be done professionally and correctly the first time around. In short, nothing compares to having a pro do the work.

Even a simple leaky faucet, if improperly repaired could spell disaster. When an expert does the work, you have peace of mind and work that comes with a full warranty. That means that if there are any issues with the repair, that someone will be out to check …