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Careers in Plumbing Near Bradenton Florida
April 5, 2020 Plumbing Jeffrey Steeves

Plumbing is one of the careers that are in great demand. This is a field that people have not ventured to and also you will find few people choosing this career. Plumbing is not only linked to one field. There are some different careers when you venture deep into plumbing. I know you might not be aware of this. Today I would like to take you through possible careers an Armstrong Bros plumber in Bradenton FL can venture into. These are some f the exciting careers and also paying ones. Here are some of the careers.

Plumbing technician

This is one of the works of a plumber. Here you will be able to install the water systems for clients and even repair them. You will also be able to give your clients some advice if they need their water heater system to be repaired or replaced. This is because you possess the skills that are fit for this kind f work. When you have your license then this can be one of your work. You can even serve some companies and I am very sure you will have a wide number of clients.

Project managers

Here you must take a special course on project management as a plumber. In this field, you will be able to supervise the employees and ensure that their work is of high quality. You will also oversee that the employees perform the job as expected. The pay of a manager is always higher than that of employees, therefore, be sure of having a good salary. If you take this path then your major work will be just supervision. Who would not like that? Being a project manager is one career a plumber can venture into.


This is when the idea of owning your own company comes to mind. Since you have all the required skills then you can start your own business or even a company. In this sector, you will be able to be your boss. If you are the type of person that does not like taking instructions then this can be suitable for you. You can even employ other people and be the CEO of your own company. This one of the exciting fields a plumber can venture into.

Gas service technicians

This is one of the careers that require a skilled person. When it comes to delivering the gas over an area then a skilled person will be selected for the job. As a technician, you will be able to distribute gas to those who require it. You will also be able to detect any leakages for the homeowners and fx them. This will always require a skilled person to fix this. A plumber can venture into this career and earn good pay.


This is another part a plumber can work in. since you have all the skills and even the safety regulations that are required in pipefitting. Then you can work for the industry to fit pipes that are required in cooling the systems. You will also need to be monitoring these systems as a pipefitter. This can earn you well. Being a pipefitter is one field a plumber can venture into. You might also work in the system installation for the automated controls.


This is almost similar to pipefitters. They are however very paying. The training is similar but the difference comes in when you want to be a steamfitter. You will be required to take special training to be a certified one. Steamfitters can work in various companies. They majorly deal with the installation of high-pressure gas materials. This includes materials that are transported under high pressure. This is a job that can earn you good pay. Being a steamfitter is one of the fields a plumber can venture into.

Become a lecturer

This requires someone who has reached great heights in that field. Becoming a lecturer you must have studied until you attain the title first. Thereafter you can start being one of the lecturers in a university or any place of higher education. Being one is always very paying. This is another career a plumber can choose to venture into.


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